Sr. BI Architect

?Provide data architecture leadership to global technical team to help transform Watts' reporting and analytics capabilities to support decision-making that results in growth and operational improvements
Work collaboratively with key user stakeholders to gain solid understanding of Watts' business processes to ensure BI solution architecture helps drive growth and operational excellence
Ensure architectural designs are consistent, flexible, scalable, cost effective and reusable
Ensure implementation of appropriate data security standards is fit to purpose, e.g. role-based security, encryption, etc
Develop overall modeling standards, guidelines, best practices and approve modeling techniques
Supervise creation of all conceptual, logical, and physical data models and ensure they meet business requirements and strategic information objectives
Supervise MDM development initiatives and help drive global data governance processes and models
Provide performance tuning guidance to other team members working in conjunction with DBAs
Recommend and validate technology selection and logical designs to enable the organization to manage and analyze massive volumes of structured and semi-structured data quickly and reliably
Work on various database technologies and provide data designs, business rule logic and pseudo code
Help develop and iterate on BI roadmap, and provide technical leadership to project teams to deliver accordingly
Develop effective and positive working relationships with IT colleagues as well as Business stakeholders
Required Experience:
10+ years of technology experience with leadership experience in developing data models, ETL, and reports
Experience leading technical teams on MDM implementations
Demonstrated experience defining architecture roadmaps, business cases and implementations for BI systems
Required Knowledge / Skills:
Must have extensive knowledge in following areas:
All components of BI technical architecture
Database technologies
Data integration techniques
Experience or good working knowledge of Hadoop, newer database technologies such as Vertica, as well as NoSQL technologies such as Cloudant, MongoDB, etc
Strong team player with coaching and mentoring skills
Strong communications skills
Experience in following technologies is a plus: Tableau and IBM products including Netezza, DB2, DataStage, InfoSphere Master Data Management, and Cognos
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