Quality Assurance Inspector

Position: Quality Assurance Inspector
Schedule: 1st Shift Schedule
Compensation: $13.00-$15.00 per hours
General Description:
Supports and adheres to all documented Records, Procedures and Work Instructions in accordance with company Quality Management System. Inspect films, master plates or production photomasks for workmanship type defects; clean all finished product; verify that all customer specifications have been met; any certifications are generated; and the packaging conforms to customer expectations. In addition, you will be responsible for making touch-up compound and cleaning the Inspection lab.
First and foremost. Safety should never be compromised for the sake of any job. Management is obliged to provide the tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) you need to safely process work. You are obliged to inform management when equipment is damaged or worn. This is done to keep the environment safe for yourself and your co-workers.

Primary Duties:
Quality Assurance will evaluate the workmanship of the finished product.
Strip photoresist from masks when necessary
Check the pattern on the plate to determine whether it is reflective of the provided drawing. QA can only be expected to find obvious (large) omissions or additions.
Look for deposits, pinholes, mouse nips, scratches, fractures, seeds, line quality, and orientation
Perform repairs where appropriate (remove deposits, touch-up pinholes, local etching)
Timely communication of any problem that will keep a job from shipping
Fill out NCP reports
Make phone call(s)
Notations in the Relational Database log.
Check to see that all required sign-offs are in place (Note your involvement with each job record your initials to each job you work on for traceability)
Any measurements taken meet specification
Plate cleaning
Employee is responsible for knowing his training status through departmental training matrix and related documents.

Other requirement
Must have 3-4 years of related experience
Microscope inspection a must
Resume must be submitted for consideration

Marathon Staffing is an equal opportunity employer

Don't Be Fooled

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